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Sat, Jul 20


Private Forest Retreat

Faery Forest Ceremony

Join us for a Magical Women's Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony in an Enchanted Private Forest Retreat on the Sunshine Coast of BC

Faery Forest Ceremony
Faery Forest Ceremony

Time & Location

Jul 20, 2024, 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Private Forest Retreat , Roberts Creek, BC V0N, Canada

About the event

You are invited to join us at an Enchanted Forest Retreat on the Full Deer Moon in July for a Women's Faery Forest Medicine Ceremony 

Date: The Full Deer Moon in July, Saturday July 20th

Plant Spirit Medicine:  The Master Plant Teacher we will be communing with at our ceremony is Organic Faery Forest Medicine. We will also be offering some supportive medicines at this ceremony. More information will be provided to our registered guests.

Intention: Our group intention is to tune in to Mother Earth & to deepen our spiritual connection with Nature & with our own Animal Totems, Guardian Angels, Spiritual Guides & Ancestors who have unconditional love for us. We will learn how to listen and tap into the spiritual messages and support that are always here for us & to the magic that surrounds us. This ability comes naturally to women. All we need to do is remember & awaken to our true nature. Blessed be!

Arrival Time: 10-10:30am

Ceremony Time: 11am-5pm

Sharing Circle: 5-7pm

Location: A private Forest Retreat located on the Sunshine Coast (20-30 min drive from Langdale Ferry)

Ride Share: Many of the women attending our ceremony are offering rides to sisters who will be coming over to the Langdale Ferry terminal both to the Ceremony grounds & back to the ferry terminal. There are rides available back to the ferries on the evening of the 20th & rides departing the Nature Retreat at or before 11AM on the 21st for those who plan to camp with us. Please let us know if you require pick up and let us know if you will be on the ferry that arrives in Langdale at 9am or on the one that arrives in Langdale at 9:50am. Thank you.

Camping: Free Camping is available at the Private Forest Retreat for any women who wish to camp under the full moon with us. .

 What’s you will Receive: 

  • A Deep Connection with Nature: While being held in a Beautiful Women’s Ceremony in the Forest, we will sing a selection of Songs that honour & call in the Nature Spirits for Guidance & Healing.
  • Sacred Songs: You will receive audio recordings & lyrics for a number of Yawanawa Saitis (Sacred Songs from the Yawanawa lineage; a beautiful tribe in the Brazilian Amazon that we connect with at our ceremonies. More info below) & Orixa Pontos (A selection of Brazilian songs from the Umbanda tradition which call upon the Nature Spirits.)
  • Shamanic Drumming: During our ceremony, we will participate in Shamanic Drumming as a tool to connect more deeply with Nature, with our own Animal Totems, and with our Higher Self for Guidance & Healing. Women were the first drummers. Drumming comes natural to us & this ability lays dormant  in our DNA, just waiting to be awakened.
  • Dancing, Yoga, Meditation: During our ceremony everyone will be given the opportunity to sing, dance, do yoga, journal & meditate. There will be specific times dedicated to all of the above. However, at any point during our ceremony, if you wish to do dance, stretch, journal, lay down, meditate, etc you may do so.
  • Written Material: Each sister will receive written material for those who wish to Dive Deep and learn more. There will be written material on Faery Forest Medicine which covers the history/herstory of this medicine & it’s connection to the Divine Feminine. There will also be written material on our DIETA & what the benefits are for people who enter into a Plant Spirit Medicine DIETA & more.
  • Weekly Optional Sharing Circles & Hymns Practices: Prior to & following our Ceremony we will be offering weekly optional Sharing Circle & Hymns Practices which will begin the first week of July. These circles will take place once a week both before and after the date of our Ceremony. You will have the option of joining our weekly Circles in person or on Zoom. The times & days are determined by the availability of the group.
  • Join a Circle of Sisters in a Sacred Container for one Month: In addition to our weekly optional sharing circles, you will have the option of being added to a Telegram group. Both the Telegram group & the sharing circles are an opportunity for all sisters who will be in our sacred container for one month to connect with one another. Our Online Telegram Circle is a space to share stories, dreams, breakthroughs, ask questions and support and uplift one another on our healing journey together.
  • DIETA: We will all enter into a DIETA to establish a strong spiritual relationship with the Plant Medicine we will be communing with. How deep we go with our DIETA & what we choose to fast from is up to each individual’s preference.
  • Sharing & Integrations: At the end of our Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony we will have a 1 to 2 hour sharing circle & enjoy some food together during our sharing Circle. Feasting and sharing after Ceremony is an ancient sacred tradition in women’s ceremonies and is a good way for us to ground and integrate together.
  • Ongoing Support: Ongoing Spiritual Care will be offered to all who are participating in this journey by the facilitator, Renee Boje. If extra support is needed, you may reach out to Renee via Telegram, Text or Email to schedule an appointment with her for an in person or zoom meeting so that she can hold space for you and offer her Love, Guidance and Support. Renee is available for booking spiritual care sessions to all sisters in our circle for the entire month of July & if necessary in August as well. We believe spiritual care & support with the integration process that follows ceremony is very important. Renee offers a great deal of guidance on tools we can all utilize in our own integration process to support ourselves as well.
  • Camping: Free Camping is available at the Private Forest Retreat for any women visiting off Coast. If you want to camp please bring your own tent, etc & please let us know that you want to reserve a camping spot. We must leave the Retreat space by 10:30am on the morning of Sunday July 21st.
  • Intake Process: All women who attend our ceremonies go through an intake process after registering & before attending their first  Ceremony with us. (Refunds will be given to anyone who does not make it through our intake process.) The intake includes signing up to become a Member of our Society, called the New Earth Society, which our Women’s Plant Spirit Medicine Church operates under. filling out a medical history form, a waiver & in some cases an interview on zoom or in person with Renee

Registration Details:

Please Note: Our website is experiencing difficulties accepting credit card payments at the moment. They are doing their best to fix this. Paypal payments are working and you may also feel free to select manual payments and then send an e transfer donation to secure your spot to Thank you and our apologies for the inconvenience.

Sweet Spot Donation: $150 This is our best deal! We are grateful to share that we have added a Sweet Spot Donation in order to make it possible for all women who feel called to be able to join us. Camping on the night following our ceremony is included & is optional. Space is limited so please be sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

Gratitude Donation: $300 - $333  We thank you kindly for choosing the Gratitude Donation tier as we support many low income women to be given the opportunity to attend our ceremonies by  offering discounted tiers for all of our ceremonies & workshops. Thank you for paying it forward. May we all be blessed.

Space is Limited: We are welcoming a maximum of 30-40 women to attend. In addition to our facilitator Renee, there will be 5 or more trained Plant Spirit Medicine Guardians present at our Ceremony offering their Love & support to all who are present.

Refunds: As we support so many low income women to be able to attend our workshops & ceremonies we are unable to offer refunds as the donations cover our expenses, pay our staff, etc However we are happy to offer a credit toward future ceremonies through our Women’s Plant Spirit Medicine Church and/or a store credit at our online herbal apothecary,  Shakti Blissful Botanicals

Contact us: If you have any questions please feel most welcome to reach out to us via email at or via telegram or text at 604-346-7376

Visit our Faery Forest Medicine Page for more details.


  • Sweet Spot Donation

    Sale ends: Jul 19, 11:11 p.m.

    $150 This is our best offer! We are grateful to share that we have included this discounted donation in order to make it possible for more women who feel called to be able to join us. May we all be blessed!

  • Gratitude Donation

    Sale ends: Jul 19, 11:11 p.m.

    $300 - $333 We thank you kindly for choosing the Gratitude Donation tier as we support many low income women to be given the opportunity to attend our ceremonies & workshops at a discounted rate. It costs us a great deal in expenses to put these cereonies on as well and we really appreciate your Love. May we all be blessed.

    From $300.00 to $333.00
    • $300.00
    • $333.00



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