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Plant Spirt Medicine Guardian Certification 

We offer this advanced course to all women who complete our Plant Priestess Training. Our Plant Spirit Medicine Guardianship  Course offers women in depth training empowering them to become a confident Guardian for Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonies. 

Our Plant Priestess Training helps women to learn how to hold space for themselves during ceremonies & provides women with spiritual tools to empower them to be able to connect with their higher self, heal themselves &  live the life they have always dreamed of living!

Our Guardianship Certification Training is a 6 month intensive. Upon completion women will receive a Certificate in Plant Spirit Medicine Guardianship. This certificate can assist women in getting hired on as a Guardian in a wide variety of Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonies. Our Plant Spirit Medicine Church hires many of the Guardians who go through our Guardianship Training offering them paid positions as guardians.

More information coming soon. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about this training.

What’s Included:

  • Intake Process: All of our Students go through an intake process with us after registering & before attending our first Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony. (Refunds will be given to anyone who does not make it through our intake process.)

  • 6 Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonies (one ceremony per month)

  • Sacred Songs: You will learn a selection of sacred Hymns from a variety of Plant Spirit Medicine traditions which we will practice every Thursday evening together and which we will sing together in each of our Plant Spirit Medicine ceremonies,(You will receive audio recordings, lyrics & in some cases music sheets for these songs.)

  • Yawanawa Saitis & Orixa Pontos: You will learn a number of Yawanawa Saitis (Sacred Songs from the Yawanawa lineage), a Brazilian Tribe in the Amazon & a selection of Orixa Pontos, Brazilian hymns which call in the Nature Spirits. Read More 

  • Shamanic Drumming: During our ceremonies, we participate in Shamanic Drumming as a tool to connect with our higher self for guidance & healing,

  • Written Material: Each student will receive monthly recorded and written material with guardianship training teachings, along with some spiritual practices we can do as guardians in order to be able to hold the best possible space we can for the women we assist within Medicine Ceremonies.

  • DIETA: Each month, we will all enter into a DIETA to establish a strong spiritual relationship with the Plant Medicine we will be communing with in ceremony that month. In the Plant Priestess training (which is a prerequisite to the Guardianship Training, participants learn why it is important to enter into a DIETA to form a bond with the plant spirit medicines you choose to commune with & the value of this commitment.

  • First Aid & CPR Training: Our guardianship training includes First Aid & CPR Training by a Certified Teacher in First Aid & CPR. We believe strongly that the safety of women that attend medicine ceremonies is of utmost importance.

  • Space Holding Skills: In our guardianship training the students learn how to hold space for someone in a medicine ceremony in the most respectful way possible. We  believe it is important to respect each persons beliefs &  personal boundaries

  • Sharing & Integrations: At the end of each of our Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonies we have 1 hour sharing circles as part of the closing  of our ceremony. In addition, we meet fot 2 hours once a week, on zoom or in person, for sharings & integrations, teachings & hymns practice. (The days & times are determined by the availability of everyone who is in our circle.)

  • Ongoing support: offered to all who are participating in this journey by the facilitator, Renee Boje. (You will be added to a Whatsapp group so that you may connect with the sisters in our circle to share stories, ask questions and support one another. Throughout the course Renee will be available to support everyone on their journey,)

  • Guardianship Certificate: Upon completion of this training each student receives a Guardianship Certificate.

  • More soon: We are working on getting more info up on our website about this Training soon. Please stay tuned.

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