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Welcome to Ceu das Sereias  Heaven of the Mermaids...

We are a Women's Plant Spirit Medicine Church located on the Sunshine Coast of BC


We honor Nature Spirits in our Ceremonies, including Iemanja, the Queen of the Sea, Oxum, the Goddess of the Rivers, Cachoeira, the Goddess of the Waterfalls & Jurema, the Queen of the Jungle!


We sing Pontos, which are calling hymns in each of our Ceremonies to welcome these Guardian Spirits to join us for guidance, protection & healing. Many of the songs we sing are in Portuguese as they come from Brazilian Plant Spirit Medicine Traditions.


We also sing Saitis, which are sacred songs from the Yawanawa Tribe in the Brazilian Amazon. Like the Pontos, many of the Saitis are offerings of Gratitude to Nature, the Nature Spirits  that exists all around us & to the Spiritual force that guides and watches over each and every one. 

Our Women's Ceremonies...

Our facilitator, Renee Boje is a trained Medicine Woman with over 20 years experience facilitating Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonies. Renee has dedicated her medicine path toward helping women to heal their traumas in a safe setting so that they may step into their power, connect with their higher self for healing & guidance & live their dream!

Our Ceremonies are Spiritual Ceremonies. It does not matter what religion you choose or if you choose no religion, we are all one and we all have the ability to connect with the Divine that exists within. Women, at this very important time on Earth, we are being called to remember who we are and to step into our power & join together to support one another in our collective awakening. We are the natural stewards of Mother Earth. Many of us birthed here at this time to become Spiritual Midwives for the birth of the New Earth that is here now. All that is required is for us to awaken and to remember. 

Prior to our Ceremonies Renee holds weekly singing & preparation meetings at our temple space. We practice singing the hymns, pontos & saitis (Sacred Yawanwa songs) that we will be singing in our upcoming ceremonies.

Shamanic Drumming journeys are included in all of our ceremonies.


Renee makes herself available to hold one on one integrations for anyone who attends our ceremonies. 

Please reach out if you have any questions. Thank you

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