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Cannabis Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony  

 Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony Date TBD Please RSVP if interested & we will set a date that works for all once we have enough women.

Optional Hymns Practice to Prepare for the Ceremony meets once a week 5-7pm
Early Bird Suggested Donation sliding scale of  $111 - $333  

Suggested Donation: Sliding Scale of $150 - $420

What you will Receive:

  • Learn how to connect with cannabis as a spiritual sacrament for guidance & healing,

  • Participate in a Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony communing with Cannabis as a Spiritual Sacrament,

  • Learn about Santa Maria, an aspect of the Divine Mother who's Love & Energy is present within the Cannabis plant,

  • Santa Maria hymns: We will learn a selection of Santa Maria Hymns which we will practice on Tuesday evenings & sing in our ceremony,

  • Shamanic Drumming: We will participate in a Shamanic Drum Journey during our Ceremony,

  • Receive lyrics of the hymns & audio recordings so you may practice from home,

  • Join a sacred container for 1 month w/the sisters in our circle,

  • Enter a Dieta & learn how to receive the gifts of this practice,

  • Learn how Cannabis is a powerful ally for women,

  • Discover Ancient Feminine Mystery practices with cannabis,

Here are some  example of songs we sing at this ceremony

We are Grateful to be offering our next

Women’s Cannabis Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony 


Our Ceremony & optional Hymns Practices featuring the songs we will be singing at our Ceremony are located at our Ceu das Sereias Temple in Gibsons BC. Our 1st optional Hymns Practice meets once a week from 5 to 7pm. Our Cannabis Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony Date is TBD. Please RSVP if interested. Once we have enough women we will set a date that works for all. Those who feel called to just attend the ceremony & skip the weekly  hymns practices are welcome to do so. The fee is the same & you will receive all the written materials recordings of the music, lyrics for the songs we will sing etc so you may practice from home if you wish. Santa Maria is an aspect of the Divine Mother who is personified within the Cannabis Plant. This will be a transformational healing journey within a safe, loving & intimate sacred container.

What’s Included:

  • Intake Process: All of our Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony participants go through an intake process with us after registering & before attending our first Ceremonial Workshop. (Refunds will be given to anyone who does not make it through our intake process.)

  • 4 Optional Hymns Practices where we will practice the hymns we will be singing at our ceremony together,

  • DIETA We will all enter into a DIETA to establish a strong spiritual relationship with the Cannabis Plant & a connection with Santa Maria. You will learn why it is important to enter into a DIETA to form a bond with the plant spirit medicines you choose to commune with & the value of this commitment.

  • Cannabis Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony: At our Ceremony we will commune with Cannabis as a sacrament in a Plant Spirit Ceremony honoring Santa Maria, an aspect of the Divine Mother personified within the Cannabis Plant.

  • Shamanic Drumming: We will all participate in a Shamanic Drumming journey at out Ceremony,

  • Hymns to Santa Maria: You will learn some Santa Maria Hymns which we will sing every Tuesday evening together in our ceremonies,

  • Sharings & Integrations: At the end of our  Ceremony we will have a 1 hour sharing circle to help us all to integrate what we have received,

  • Ongoing support offered to all who are participating in this journey by the facilitator, Renee Boje. You will be added to a Whatsapp group so that you may connect with the sisters in our circle to share stories, ask questions and support one another. Each week Renee will be available to hold space or answer any questions for everyone in the circle & Renee will be available after the ceremony as well to hold space for anyone who participated. 

About our Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony:

In this Gentle, Loving, Feminine container we will all commune with Cannabis as a Sacrament for guidance & healing. Your facilitator, Renee Boje is a trained Medicine Woman with over 20 years experience facilitating Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonies. Renee has dedicated her medicine path toward helping women to heal their traumas in a safe setting so that they may step into their power, connect with their higher self for healing & guidance & live their dream! There will be two trained guardians at our ceremony, who, along with Renee, will be available to support everyone throughout the ceremony, so that each person may feel safe & held during our journey together.

Our Ceremonies are Spiritual Ceremonies. It does not matter what religion you choose or if you choose no religion, we are all one and we all have the ability to connect with the Divine that exists within. Women, at this very important time on Earth, we are being called to remember who we are and to step into our power & join together to support one another in our collective awakening. We are the natural stewards of Mother Earth. Many of us birthed here at this time to become Spiritual Midwives for the birth of the New Earth that is here now. All that is required is for us to awaken and to remember.


There will be Cannabis Sacrament offered at all of our gatherings. At our Ceremony we will be offering Cannabis Sacrament in the form of Organic Vegan Raw Cannabis Infused Chocolates . Each Ceremony participant will take some chocolates home with them as well, 

Our Ceremonies are held at the Ceu das Sereias Temple


We are located at a private Residence in Gibsons, BC. Our 4 Mini Workshops will help you to prepare for our Santa Maria Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony. At each Ceremonial Workshop Renee will lead a guided meditation while sharing information about cannabis as a spirit medicine, the connection between cannabis and the feminine and about the Goddess we are honoring, Santa Maria. We will practice singing the hymns on these evenings and go on a Shamanic Drumming journey together. This will prepare you so that when the Ceremony arrives you will be familiar with the hymns and able to participate in singing them in ceremony, which is a very important part of Plant Spirit Medicine Journeys. Singing not only helps to open your throat, heart & crown chakras, it also helps you to channel our energy up to spirit & to call in our guides and angels for healing. Renee will be available to hold space for one on one integrations for any of the women in our circle who feel they desire some extra support. 

Upcoming Events

  • Women's Forest Ceremony
    Women's Forest Ceremony
    Sat, Jul 20
    Private Forest Retreat
    Jul 20, 2024, 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Private Forest Retreat , Roberts Creek, BC V0N, Canada
    Jul 20, 2024, 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Private Forest Retreat , Roberts Creek, BC V0N, Canada
    Join us for a Magical Women's Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony in an Enchanted Private Forest Retreat on the Sunshine Coast of BC
  • Plant Priestess Training
    Plant Priestess Training
    Sun, Sep 01
    Sep 01, 2024, 11:11 a.m. PDT – Feb 28, 2025, 11:11 a.m. PST
    Gibsons, Gibsons, BC, Canada
    Sep 01, 2024, 11:11 a.m. PDT – Feb 28, 2025, 11:11 a.m. PST
    Gibsons, Gibsons, BC, Canada
    A 6 Month Women's Shamanic Self Mastery Series with Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonies. Our ceremonies include singing sacred medicine songs, shamanic drumming, guided meditation & interactive sound baths. Sometimes we include yoga dancing & feminine mystery teachings!

We honor Paje Putanny Yawanawa as our Spiritual Mother

Our Church founder & ceremony facilitator, Renee Boje's spiritual mother is Putanny Yawanawa, who, along with her sister, Hushahu were the first women to become shamans in the Yawanawa Tribe, located in the Brazilian Amazon. You may view videos of Putanny & Hushahu below.

We sing Yawanawa Saitis (Sacred Songs) in most of our Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonies & do a deep study of these Saitis in our Plant Priestess Certification course.  Please feel welcome to listen to some of the Beautiful Saitis sung by Putanny Yawanawa in our gallery below.

Paje Putanny Yawanawa

Videos of Putanny & her Sister Hushahu Yawanawa
the first Yawanawa Women to become Paje's (Shamans) 

Meet the Owner
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