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One on One Private Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonies


Join your Higher Self on a journey worth taking...

I invite you to explore the realms of your Higher Consciousness within a safe loving container that we co-create together with the Spirit Medicine we commune with.


I offer Group Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonies for Women as well as Private one on one Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony Sessions. 


 One on One Sessions are co-created just for you in alignment with your Unique Spirit & personal preferences, which we discuss first in your initial free consultation.

Take a voyage through your inner cosmos. Connect with your Higher Self to assist you in your Healing Journey. Open your Heart to the Love that permeates all of existence to receive the support & healing you need.  Remove any personal or energetic blocks so you may unlock your True Potential!

Together, in both the Women's Ceremonies & the One on One ceremonies we commune with a Plant Spirit Medicine as our Guide, Guardian and Bridge between the worlds. 

In both types of Ceremonies I hold loving space as a Facilitator & Guardian.

Each Healing Journey is different. I offer a free consultation to discuss your personal goals & to determine with you what type of set & setting would be best for your Ceremony.


I have had over 13 years of hands on experience  facilitating Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonies for Women.  Please feel free to read  the About Section of this website to learn more of my background.

I offer these Ceremonies by suggested donation with Love & Gratitude in my Heart. The minimum asking donation is determined by the cost of the Medicine that you choose to commune with. There are a number of Plant Spirit Medicines to choose from & we can discuss these options when we connect for our initial  consultation. There is no suggested donation for our initial consultation.

If you are interested in learning more about this Transformational Journey, please feel free to contact me. I am happy to schedule a time to connect & answer any questions you may have. 

Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you....

Blessed be!


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