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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide women with Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonies in a Safe, Supportive, Nurturing, Loving & Gentle container. We offer a variety of Uplifting Gatherings & Ceremonies for women featuring sacred music as a common thread.  We believe everyone has the ability to connect with their higher self, develop their intuition & become a fully awakened spirit residing in a human body. Our mission is to support and empower women to cultivate their connection to the divine which we believe resides within each and every living being.


We believe the expansion of the consciousness has the potential to co-create positive changes in our world & the potential of saving our Earth from extinction. We strive to hold Safe, Uplifting Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonies & Sacred Music gatherings for the women of our local & global community! We believe it takes a community to raise a conscious human being. We believe that Music & Plant Spirit Medicines have the ability to transcend all boundaries & to Heal & Unite our world! 

Our Values

Our Values are in alignment with the Global Expansion of the Consciousness & the New Earth that we feel is emerging now.


Our Values include:







Inner Peace,

Cultivation of Inner Bliss,

Spiritual Connection,

Spiritual Ascension,

Sense of Belonging,

Earth Consciousness,

Sovereignty over body mind heart & soul,

& More...

Our Vision

Our Vision is to help to bring our like minded conscious community of women together to celebrate life and to support one another to connect with our higher selves, cultivate more inner peace, joy & healing & evolve toward our highest spiritual potential. We believe as each person evolves, we help to contribute to & inspire the Collective Global Expansion of the Consciousness.

One of our goals is to secure land on the Sunshine Coast of BC where we will offer Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonies, Intentional Live Music Gatherings, co-create community gardens & a build a Spiritual Retreat & a Safe Haven for all of our members. 

In the present moment we offer conscious gatherings & ceremonies at our Ceu das Sereias Temple Space located at a Private Residence in Gibsons, BC. We also rent spaces from time to time to host larger gatherings.

Please feel most welcome to subscribe to our mailing list below to stay informed about our Ceremonies & Gatherings.

Thank you for being here. Your presence is a blessing.

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