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Women's Global Cannabis Ceremony

April 20th 3-5pm

with a Special Healing Ceremony at 4:20

a Live Online Global Ceremony on Zoom


Suggested Sliding Scale Donation:  $22-$77 (Your donations are appreciated as this Ceremony is a fundraiser for our church, Ceu das Sereias

Local Sisters: If you are a member of our Church, Ceu das Sereias you may pick up your gift of Sacrament prior to our ceremony. We will be offering Vegan Organic Infused Chocolates for this ceremony for our local church members.

Global Sisters: You are welcome to procure some sacrament of your own to commune with during our ceremony. We will be co-creating a safe container together by invoking the Goddess Freya for protection, calling in our Angels & connecting with our hearts.

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You are invited to join us to participate in a

Global Cannabis Goddess Ceremony!


These ancient ceremonies have been practiced by a countless number of Priestesses in Goddess Temples around the world, throughout herstory! 

Did you know that Cannabis is a Divine Feminine ally & a herb that women have been communing with spiritually for centuries? In fact, there are a significant amount of Goddesses who are associated with cannabis and there are many Priestesses in a variety of cultures who honored cannabis in rituals to connect with these Goddesses for divination, guidance, prophesizing and more!

Cannabis is even known in many Hispanic & Latin American cultures as Santa Maria because it is believed that the aspect of the Divine Mother Goddess known as the Virgin of Guadalupe or the Virgin Mary can be accessed when communing with this Feminine Plant Spirit Medicine.

We are gathering on Saturday, April 20th from 3-5pm for a Women's Online Global Cannabis Ceremony.


Our intention is to gather with sisters around the globe to hold a space of reverence for the cannabis plant & anchor in the energy of freedom for this Divine Feminine Plant Spirit Medicine! on a day that she is being celebrated recreationally by many who are not aware of the sacred aspects of this Heart Opening Feminine Plant Spirit Medicine.


I will be sharing about the many different Goddesses who are connected with the Cannabis Plant and what some of the feminine qualities are of this Beautiful Divine Feminine Ally! This ceremony is an introductory ceremony for a series of Cannabis Goddess Ceremonies that I will be offering soon. (Please feel most welcome to join our mailing list if you wish to receive invitations to our upcoming ceremonies)


For our Global Cannabis Ceremony on April 20th, we will honor the Norse Cannabis Goddess Freya.

Details: We will call upon the Goddess Freya to ask her protection for one of our most beloved herbs.  


It is our prayer that Santa Maria (Cannabis) be liberated from the disrespect and exploitation she is being subjected to. It is our birthright to have access to all of the plants Mother Earth provides for us.


Plants belong in the hands of the people of Mother Earth not controlled by Governments who exploit her for profit and do not have any reverence or even regard for her.

Ceremony Details:

  • Participate in a Women's Global Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony communing with a Cannabis as a Spiritual Sacrament

  • Learn how to connect with Cannabis as a sacrament for guidance, divination & healing,

  • Receive Divine Feminine Teachings on Cannabis on the connection between a variety of Goddesses and this beautiful medicine & learn how this medicine has been used as a divine feminine ally for centuries,

  • Learn how the Divine Mother can be accessed through the Cannabis plant & how a great number of Goddesses throughout herstory are connected with this Divine Flower.

  • Learn & Sing 2 Sacred Hymns for the Goddess Freya: In our ceremony we will sing two beautiful hymns to invoke & honour the Goddess Freya,

  • Shamanic Drumming: We will participate in a Shamanic Drum Journey during our Ceremony

  • Receive lyrics of the hymns & audio recordings so you may practice from the hymns we will sing before our ceremony & so you may have access to these hymns after our ceremony as well,

  • Join a sacred container of  sisters from around the globe who will be joining our ceremony,

  • Enter a Cannabis DIETA 3 days prior to our ceremony & learn how to receive the gifts of this practice,

  • Receive Written Material for our Cannabis DIETA, Ceremony Preparations & More,

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Our Ceremony Facilitator & Special Guests

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Our Ceremony Facilitator Renee Boje

Renee is a trained Medicine Woman with over 20 years experience facilitating Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonies. She is also Canada's 1st Cannabis Refugee from the US who was granted Canadian Citizenship. Renee's case  garnered a great deal of media attention as she devoted herself to defending humans birth right to have access to cannabis & all of the Plants Mother Earth provides. Renee believes the War on Plant Spirit Medicine has been going on since the Dark Ages & is a War against Mother Nature & a war on higher consciousness. 

Our Ceremony will include...

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A  Magical Cannabis Sound Bath offered by Laura Walker

Laura Walker is a musician, counselor, sound bath & reiki practitioner & a guardian in training with our women's plant spirit medicine temple Ceu Das Sereias

Laura is also a plant spirit medicine faery who loves growing food, medicine, seed saving & designing sacred garden spaces.

Home | Mysite (

Laura's Instagram is @atara.counseling


An Akashic Records exercise offered by Virginia Pérez.

 We will learn how to activate our Points of Grace. Virginia is deeply connected with Mother Earth. She enjoys maintaining control over invasive plants and offers Regenerative Gardening services here on the Sunshine Coast. She is also a guardian in training with our women's plant spirit medicine temple, Ceu Das Sereias, an Akashic Records reader, and a dowsing student.

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Cannabis Infused Poetry
offered by

Asaarèh is a multidimensional artist, sound and visual composer, and a poet. She’s a plant medicine ally, decolonization advocate and eco-feminine activist. Asaarèh finds community in diversity. 
She’s also a guardian in training with our Women’s plant spirit medicine temple Ceu Das Sereias.


Qigong Exercise offered by
offered by
 Kaery Wind

Kaery Wind is an Associate Qigong instructor, honoured to continue the Yoqi lineage. Kaery is passionate about energy work, and empowering others with the practices to heal and gain wisdom through their own experience. Kaery also has trained as an expressive arts therapist, and believes in the power of art and storytelling, play, laughter and tears to heal and uplift us. A lover of intentional healing and ceremony, she is also a gaurdian in training with the plant spirit medicine temple, Ceu de Sereias.


Wardrobe by


Special Thanks to our Sponsor, Ambassadress  a slow fashion boutique that supports small designers, both local and international, which are renowned for their design quality and style. 

The faces behind Ambassadress are three sisters Celeste, Trina and Dixie. Based out of both British Columbia and Alberta these sisters have been supporting the Arts community for over 15 years. 


About our Ceremony

In this Gentle, Loving, Feminine container we will all commune with Cannabis as a Sacrament for guidance & healing. This Divine Medicine is a Heart Opening, Consciousness Expanding Medicine which, when honoured properly, brings a profound blessing of divine intelligence into our energy fields for healing, guidance & transformation.  The ancient Priestesses knew how to connect with cannabis for divination, channeling & prophesizing. This wisdom is not lost & these tools must be shared!


The Plant Spirit Medicines are here to assist us so that we, as women, may remember who we are! We are all Plant Medicine Priestesses. This wisdom lays dormant for many, as it is in our DNA. We have communed with Plant Spirit Medicines since the dawn of time. We are being asked to step back into our power and reclaim our birthright

to help Heaven return to Earth once again! 

Our Ceremonies are Spiritual Ceremonies. It does not matter what religion you choose or if you choose no religion, we are all one and we all have the ability to connect with the Divine that exists within. Women, at this very important time on Earth, we are being called to remember who we are and to step into our power & join together to support one another in our collective awakening. We are the natural stewards of Mother Earth. Many of us birthed here at this time to become Spiritual Midwives for the birth of the New Earth that is here now. All that is required is for us to awaken and to remember. 

We honor Paje Putanny Yawanawa as our Spiritual Mother

Our Church founder & ceremony facilitator, Renee Boje's spiritual mother is Putanny Yawanawa, who, along with her sister, Hushahu were the first women to become shamans in the Yawanawa Tribe, located in the Brazilian Amazon. You may view videos of Putanny & Hushahu below.

We sing Yawanawa Saitis (Sacred Songs) in many of our Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonies & do a deep study of these Saitis in our Plant Priestess Certification course.  Please feel welcome to listen to some of the Beautiful Saitis sung by Putanny Yawanawa in our gallery below.

Paje Putanny Yawanawa

Videos of Putanny & her Sister Hushahu Yawanawa
the first Yawanawa Women to become Paje's (Shamans) 

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