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Isis Blue Lotus Ceremony for Lychnapsia

Festival of Lights... an ancient ceremony honoring the Goddess Isis

This is a Ceremonial Workshop & is part of our Series of Herbal Alchemy Ceremonial Workshops we are offering through our Women's Plant Spirit Medicine Church. 

"In the beginning there was Isis, oldest of the old, from which all becoming arose..." -Egyptian Scripture

Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of Love, Magic, Sensuality & Spiritual Wisdom. Blue Lotus Flowers are sacred to her & are offered to her in gratitude for her assistance on the path of enlightenment. 

Blue Lotus Flower filled ointment jars were found in the Temples of Isis & were used by her Priests & Priestesses for divination and various spiritual rituals.

Blue Lotus Flowers: Blue Lotus flowers are sacred to the Goddess Isis & are revered in Egypt for their magical properties. This divine elixir is infused with Blue Lotus Flowers from Egypt where it has been used for centuries as a spiritual sacrament to connect with the divine and to help awaken and develop one's connection with the 3rd eye chakra. Blue Lotus Flowers are also used as a dream journeying tool when taken before bedtime as the properties often induce vivid dreaming and dream recall. 

Details: We will prepare Blue Lotus Flower Elixir & Blue Lotus Flower wine the way we women have been preparing herbal infusions for centuries... in ceremony together!


Join us in A Women's Ceremony honouring the Egyptian Goddess of Love & Magic, Isis. We will sing some songs to invoke the Goddess Isis & we will drum & dance for Isis to infuse her blessings into the Organic Blue lotus flower elixir & wine we will be making together.

Ceremony Date:  Monday, August 12th  Lychnapsia

Arrival Time: 6:30pm

Ceremony Time: 7- 8:30pm

Sharing Circle w/Tea & Organic Snacks: 8:30-9:30pm


Location: Ceu das Sereias Temple in Gibsons, BC, (Private Venue shared with our registered guests)



  • A gift of 1 Bottle of the Blue Lotus Flower Wine we will be making in our ceremony together

  • A gift of the Blue Lotus Flower Elixir we will be making in ceremony together

  • We will Learn 2 ancient hymns for the Goddess Isis (audio recordings & lyrics are provided prior to our ceremony) so that everyone has the option of practicing these beautiful songs

  • Singing, dancing & drumming: We will sing, dance & drum to honour the Goddess Isis asking her to infuse her magic into our elixir and our wine & to infuse our own love & energy into our magic potions!

  • You will leave with the knowledge of how to make your own blue lotus flower elixir & blue lotus flower wine as well as how to prepare herbal infusions in a ceremonial way

Registration: Space is limited. This will be a small intimate ceremony held in our Temple space. To secure your spot please send your donation ASAP. The suggested donation is $111 & includes a gift of 1 bottle of Organic Blue Lotus Flower infused Wine & 1 gift of Blue Lotus Flower Elixir (Details above) 

Intake: This Workshop is offered to our New Earth Society Members. It only costs $1- to become a member. Please feel welcome to contact us to learn more about membership. Once you register for our workshop, if you are not a member we are happy to send you the form so you can sign up.

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