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Cannabis & the Divine Feminine
Online Workshop & Ceremony Series

Details: Join us on a 4 week journey to discover the Divine Feminine Mysteries of Cannabis! This journey includes written material, audio & lyrics for some invocation songs for the Goddess Freya, Learning how to prepare a beautiful Raw Vegan Cannabis infused Chocolate recipe, 4 Live 2 hour Sessions on Zoom, 2 Divine Feminine workshops, 1 Cannabis Infusion Ceremony where we will make our chocolates together, 1 Cannabis Goddess Ceremony & more!

Workshop Duration: 4 weeks

Suggested Donation: $222 

Live Online Workshop & Ceremony Schedule: We meet weekly on zoom at 11am Pacific Standard time (PDT) on the following dates:

  • August 1st Introduction Circle (live zoom session)

  • August 8th Cannabis Chocolate Making Ceremony (live zoom workshop)

  • August 16th Cannabis Ceremony honoring the Norse Goddess Freya, (live zoom ceremony)

  • August 22nd Integration Circle (Live zoom session)

Live Cannabis Goddess Ceremony on Zoom

Freya Ceremony
Sacrament: Cannabis Chocolate


Each Cannabis & the Divine Feminine Workshop includes a Cannabis Infused Recipes dedicated to the Goddesses we are honoring:

  • This month we are making Raw Vegan Cannabis Sativa Chocolates in honor of the Goddess Freya

Weekly Schedule:


  • Week 1: Cannabis Divine Feminine Mystery Teachings With an Introduction Workshop on Zoom on August 2nd 11am-1pm PDT (Pacific Standard time). All Live zooms will be recorded & can be accessed by our ceremony participants during our journey together. This will also be a week of Setting intentions & Opening our DIETA. Explorations: We will explore the connections between cannabis and the divine feminine & discover how this medicine has been an ally for women for centuries.

  • Week 2: Cannabis Chocolate Making Ceremony We will learn the sacred art of preparing a herbal infusion in a ceremonial way, something we women have been doing for centuries. We will learn how to set up a ceremonial space with guidance on altar building so that we may all prepare our altars & Ceremonial Infusion space prior to our online Ceremony. On our zoom call this week, Renee will guide us on how to prepare cannabis chocolates in a ceremonial way & how important this is when we are preparing plant spirit medicine infusions.

  • Week 3: Cannabis Goddess Ceremony honoring Freya We will work with the Goddess Freya & hold a Live Freya Ceremony on Zoom on August 22nd 11am-1pm PDT (Pacific Standard time). All Live zooms will be recorded & can be accessed by our ceremony participants during our journey together.  We will work with the Angelic Spirit of Cannabis & the Goddess Freya to support us in our study. during Week 4. Explorations: Opening ourselves up to channeling through writing, dance, yoga, meditation and more.

  • Week 4: Integrations  A week of sharing & integration & includes a closing ceremony. Details TBD. Explorations: We will learn tools on how to Develop our own unique Spiritual Armor for protection and to support us on our spiritual path going forward.

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What you will Receive:

  • Learn how to connect with cannabis as a spiritual sacrament for guidance & healing,

  • Participating in our ceremonies from the comfort of your own home. We do not provide cannabis to any of our participants. However, all sisters may feel welcome to commune with cannabis as a sacrament during our ceremonies, providing they do so responsibly, abiding by the laws of the country they reside in & taking responsibility for their own well being and safety. Each week we email our sisters a cannabis recipe that was created in honor of the Goddess we are honoring and which can be prepared before each ceremony if desired,

  • Enter a DIETA with Cannabis & learn how to receive the gifts of this practice,

  • Discover Ancient Feminine Mystery practices with cannabis, & learn how cannabis is a powerful ally for women,

  • 4x 2-hour live weekly Sessions on Zoom, which will include 

  • Participate in a Live Online Cannabis Goddess Ceremony We will be communing with the Spirit of Cannabis & honoring the Norse Goddess of Love & Magic Freya. (These online ceremonies are guided by our workshop & ceremony facilitator, Renee. All sisters are encouraged to share their experiences with one another in our telegram chat the week following our ceremonies),

  • Written material  exploring the connections between cannabis & the divine feminine,

  • Written material on the Goddess Freya

  • Cannabis Recipe: Each sister will receive a written recipe in their inbox and attend an live online Ceremony where our facilitator Renee will guide us on how to prepare our Cannabis Sativa infused Raw Organic Vegan Chocolates in a ceremonial way, 

  • Goddess Invocation Hymns: We will learn a selection of Goddess Hymns for the Goddess Freya & we will sing these songs in our ceremonies,

  • Receive lyrics of the hymns & audio recordings so you may practice from home,

  • Join a sacred container for 5 weeks with the sisters in our circle which includes an option to being added to our Telegram chat group where all sisters can meet up and connect during our journey together,

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