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All Organic Ingredients: Faery Forest Medicine, Panax Ginseng & Kanna (Mother Nature's Anti-Depressant Cactus) infused in 90% proof alcohol & flavoured with Seasonal Berries & Vanilla 6o ml (2.5 grams of Faery Forest Medicine per batch, which is traditionally the equivalent of one macro ceremony)


Traditional Use: Traditionally a shaman would commune with a a Faery Blissings Elixir as a Micro Dose using 100 drops which is the equivalent of .3grams in our elixir. A Shaman would also commune with a larger amount for a Spiritual, Heart Opening, Transformational journey.


  • Entheogen,
  • Sacred,
  • Visionary,
  • 3rd Eye Opening,
  • Heart Opening,
  • Inspiring,
  • Spiritual,
  • Ceremonial,
  • Anti Anxiety,
  • Energizing,
  • Blissful,


Our Faery Blissings Elixir is offered locally to our New Earth Society & Ceu das Sereias Church members by suggested donation. We do not offer our Faery Blissings Elixir for Human Comsumption. We offer our Faery Blissings Elixir to our members for research & ceremonial purposes.


We offer sliding scale donation options to our Society & Church members.


Please contact us for more information.


Thank you!

Blessings & Gratitude... 

Faery Blissings Micro Dose Elixir

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