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All Organic Ingredients: Heavenly Blue Flower Seeds infused in Bombay Sapphire Gin & flavored with Organic Cherries 60 ml (400 seeds per batch which is, traditionally, the equivalent of one ceremony)


Traditional Use: Traditionally shamans would commune with this Magical Heavenly Blue Flower Elixir  for micro dosing & they would also commune with a larger amount for a transformational spiritual journey.


  • Consciousness Expanding,
  • 3rd Eye Opening,
  • Plant Spirit Medicine,
  • Divination
  • Heart Opening,
  • Entheogen,
  • Spiritual Ceremony,


Our Heavenly Blue Magical Flower Elixirs are offered locally to our New Earth Society & Ceu das Sereias Church members by suggested donation. We do not offer our Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Elixir for Human Comsumption. We offer our Heavenly Blue Magical Flower Elixir to our members for research & ceremonial purposes.


We offer sliding scale donation options to our Society & Church members.


Please feel welcome to contact us for more information.


Thank you!

Blessings & Gratitude... 

Heavenly Blue Magic Flower Elixir

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